13 SECRET iOS 11 Features For iPhone 8!


13 SECRET iOS 11 Features For iPhone 8!

13 Secret / hidden / best new features on iOS 11 for iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X!

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Hi guys! In today’s video I’m giving you my new favorite features of iOS 11! I was a little late in updating my software to iOS 11 but now that I have, I’ve found a couple awesome secret features that I can’t wait to share with you! A lot of these features you will already be familiar with and hopefully some of them you won’t be.

1. Flyover mode: map in 3D click start tour of any major city
2. One handed map zoom: double tap but on the second tap, keep your finger on the map and swipe up and down to zoom in and out
3. One-handed keyboard: press and hold the smile face to use a keyboard to one side or the other
4. Storage: shows you more specific breakdown of usage and gives you recommendations for what to get rid of
5. Type to Siri: if you don’t like talking out loud to siri, you can now type to her. But in my opinion that defeats the purpose of Siri because it’s supposed to be easy and if you’re gonna type anyway might as well google it or whatever
6. Wifi Sharing: if one person is connected to Wifi and the other person tries to get on it, your phone will prompt you to share the password

7. Screed Record: you can now record your phone right FROM your phone!!
8. Control center = new look, easy 3D Touch navigation, customizable in settings.
9. Screenshots: as soon as you screenshot you can easily access it, mark it up, and send it wherever it needs to go
10. Notes: you can drag photos, make tables, checklists, add passwords to certain notes
11. Password Manager: safari / chrome (whichever browser you use) will remember passwords that you type in allowing you to recall them by clicking on a little key icon next time you are asked for a password!
12. Live Photos: you can now choose key frame to save
13. Text: send with echo, spotlight, celebration, shooting star (are those two new?)

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13 SECRET iOS 11 Features For iPhone 8!

13 SECRET iOS 11 Features For iPhone 8!


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