18 ways to make the next iPhone the best smartphone ever


    Apple Mac OS X users are lucky enough to have tight integration with iOS when it comes to notifications support. If you dismiss notifications on the Mac, it also does it on the iOS device, and vice-versa.

    All this is done with Continuity, which also improves the hand-off experience between devices for apps, documents, and websites.

    Windows users are not so lucky, although Microsoft is trying to alleviate this problem with the Action Center in Windows 10.

    By downloading Cortana and Edge for your iOS (and Android) devices, in Windows 10 you can have some — but not all — of the experience that Mac users get with Continuity. It isn’t perfect, however. You can get notifications from your devices and hand off the websites you view on Edge for iOS to the PC, but the support is not bidirectional.

    If you dismiss notifications on Windows, they aren’t dismissed on the iOS device, and if you dismiss them in iOS, they aren’t dismissed in Windows. So, if you have been working on your PC all day and haven’t looked at your iPhone in a few hours, you’ll be greeted with a whole mess of notifications you need to dismiss. Suck.

    How can this be fixed? Apple needs to provide bi-directional notifications API integration on iOS for companies like Microsoft, so they can provide better support to end-users. Or, even better, Apple needs to cooperate with Microsoft to produce a full-blown version of Continuity for Windows 10.


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