Apple rakes in $88.3B holiday, ‘iOS 12’ features delayed, iPhone X production cuts & more



    The standout news was Apple’s most lucrative quarter ever, fueled by the iPhone despite an apparent decline in units. We also caught a glimpse of what’s coming —and not coming —to this year’s “iOS 12.”

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    Everything you need to know:

    • Apple chalked up $88.3 billion in revenue last quarter, despite missing iPhone forecasts > >
    • “iOS 12” features like a redesigned homescreen are being postponed > >
    • Other delayed features include multiplayer AR and new photo-sorting code > >
    • Apple is facing U.S. government scrutiny over throttling iPhones > >
    • iPhone X production is allegedly being cut in half > >
    • Subsequent stories cast doubt on that idea, however > >
    • As many as three Macs could use Apple’s T-series chips this year > >

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    A roundup of all of our hottest stories this week:

    Premium-priced iPhone X, iPhone 8 propel Apple to $88.3B in revenue in its best quarter ever

    Apple delays refresh of home screen in ‘iOS 12’ to focus on performance & reliability – report

    ‘iOS 12’ features put on hold said to include multiplayer AR games, automatic sorting of photos

    Apple responding to US government inquiries over iPhone throttling

    Apple said to be cutting iPhone X production in half due to slow sales

    Apple supplier Murata casts doubt on claims of lowered iPhone X production

    Up to three Macs coming with T-series security chips, shift to Apple CPU inevitable

    Apple reaches settlement, licensing agreement with Immersion following iPhone haptic feedback lawsuits

    CNN blames Apple for bombarding users with repeated Apple News push notification

    US DOJ, SEC investigating how Apple handled throttling of aging iPhone batteries

    Report reaffirms Apple still plans to ‘allow iPad apps to run on Macs this year’

    Early 18-core iMac Pro orders now shipping to US customers, 14-core model still absent

    Apple temporarily kicks Telegram off of App Store for ‘inappropriate’ content

    Apple confirms HomePod audio sources limited to Apple Music, iTunes purchases, podcasts & AirPlay

    Apple Pay finally coming to Brazil later in 2018


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