Apple’s Mac App Store, iOS App Store, and Apple TV Facing Issues


If you have been running into an issue with being unable to sign in, or make purchases on your Mac, iOS device, or Apple TV, just know you aren’t alone.

In the afternoon, Apple officially updated its System Status page (the site that tracks any issues impacting Apple services) to reflect that several of its online storefronts are currently facing some sort of issue or another. As it stands at the time of this publication, the Mac App Store, the iOS App Store, Apple TV, and Volume Purchase Program are all facing issues.

According to the website, the issue was noted by Apple at 12:04 PM local time. In these cases, the problems are an ongoing issue, and Apple hasn’t said when they will be fixed. In each of the cases, it indicates that users are unable to sign into multiple stores and/or services, and they are also unable to make purchases.

As noted by several on social media, the issue seems to be pretty widespread, at least for the moment. For Apple’s part, it says “some users are affected”, but doesn’t give a percentage this time around.

Also, just before publishing, Apple’s category for iTunes U turned red, signaling an outage. Here’s how Apple describes it:

“Users are experiencing a problem with this service. We are investigating and will update the status as more information becomes available.”

Have you run into the issue yet?

Our Take

Issues like this happen. For Apple, unfortunately, it’s not an altogether rare occurrence. Still, one hopes that it can get fixed sooner, rather than later. In this writer’s case, the iPhone keeps getting a pop-up notification that the iTunes Store is unable to make purchases at this time. It’s super frustrating, especially since I don’t remember the last time I actually accessed the iTunes Store on my phone.

[via Apple]

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