How Apple Watch OS Creates a Backup


How Apple Watch OS Creates a Backup – How Your iPhone Backs Up Your Apple Watch Data. Learn How Your iPhone Backs Up and Stores Your Apple Watch Data.

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Performed and Tested On Apple Watch Stainless Steel 42mm Case Model WatchOS 2.2 and iPhone 5s iOS 9.3.1


This is episode two from our Apple Watch series, where we’ll be learning how your iPhone backs up and stores your Apple Watch data.

Soooooo, Let’s Get Started.

According to Apple, when the Apple Watch is paired to your iPhone, the content of the Apple Watch is continuously backed up to your iPhone.

Also, when you backup your iPhone via. iCloud or iTunes, it will also include the Apple Watch backups.

It should be noted that the information of the Apple Watch backups cannot be viewed in iCloud.

Furthermore; every time you unpair your Apple Watch, an individual back up, based on the time and date the unparing was initiated, is created first on your iPhone.

When you’re ready to pair your current or a new Apple Watch, you have the option to restore from a backup or set up as a new Apple Watch.

Continuing on, Apple also mentions what’s included and excluded in the Apple Watch Backup.

Included is as shown.

It should be noted, when backing up your iPhone using iCloud, your data is automatically encrypted.

However; when backing your iPhone using iTunes, you need to make sure to Encypt your iPhone backup, in order to have your backup to also include your Health and Fitness data.

Excluded for the Apple Watch backup is as noted here.

This and the previous episode, from our Apple Watch Series, is a prelude to the upcoming episode three. Where we’ll be showing in detail, the entire process on how to unpair and restore your Apple Watch from a backup, when you’ve forgotten your Apple Watch Passcode.

Hope you’ll join us for this episode.

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How Apple Watch OS Creates a Backup

How Apple Watch OS Creates a Backup


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