How to fix the iPhone 5 Charging Port in 5 Minutes


How to fix the iPhone 5 Charging Port in 5 Minutes

Get your tools from Amazon HERE:
Here is the inexpensive replacement charging port:
Here is the speaker for the iPhone:

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GREAT comment from Mattrules77:
Great video man just saved me £230 that apple wanted to replace my phone. I was worried at first because although my phone now seemed to charge it didn’t turn on, however after 20 minutes it booted up( was dead for 5 days). If anyone has a problem with the microphone (this may be obvious but something I noticed) with the part I ordered the little rubber cover wasn’t on and so I had to take it off the old part otherwise it doesn’t slot in correctly and probably doesn’t function.

If your charging port goes out on your iPhone 5 it is a pretty easy fix. Replacing your charging port will some times even fix your phone after it has been water damaged. Remember to go slow and be very careful. This is a 500 dollar device. If you have applecare or are still under warranty you should probably try those options first.

This video shows how to replace the Charging port, the Head Phone jack, and the Mic for the iPhone five. If you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comments,. LIKE this video if it helped you! And don’t forget to subscribe!

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How to fix the iPhone 5 Charging Port in 5 Minutes

How to fix the iPhone 5 Charging Port in 5 Minutes


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