Mail Keeps Crashing on macOS High Sierra, How-To Fix


macOS High Sierra has been out for quite some time now. Unfortunately, a few of our readers report that their Mail keeps crashing on macOS High Sierra after their initial upgrade to High Sierra and even on subsequent minor High Sierra macOS updates. Are you having Mail issues on your Mac or MacBook? Is Apple Mail crashing on startup, or is your Apple Mail keeps quitting unexpectedly? Are you finding your Mail slow or noticing that it won’t open at all when you click on the app?

We have put together a few tips that should help you fix this issue as well as some other common Mail issues.Mail Slow or Crashing with macOS High Sierra, How-To Fix

For most problems with your macOS following an upgrade, start with the PRAM Reset on your MacBook before proceeding further. Make sure to backup your MacBook before troubleshooting the issues.


Mail Keeps Crashing on macOS High Sierra, How-To Fix

When an Application such as Mail crashes on your MacBook, chances are that there is something wrong with the preference list files of the application. This situation is true with all Mac Apps. For most problems, we try to locate the ‘PLIST’ files and delete them to see if it fixes your issue. In the case of the Mail app, ‘Envelope’ files are another set of files that one needs to refresh as well to resolve the crashing issue.

Please follow each of the steps below and remember to restart your Macbook

  • If you have an instance of the Mail app running on your macOS High Sierra, exit out it. If the app is unresponsive or frozen, you can force-quit the app.
  • Open a session using your Finder app and click on ‘GO’ at the top menu and choose ‘Go To Folder..’ from the drop-down.
  • Type in the directory path as shown in the image below to locate the Mail files that we will cleanMail Keeps Crashing on macOS High Sierra
  • Remove all the files that have ‘Envelope’ in them as shown in the picture below.Mail Slow or Crashing in macOS High Sierra, How-To Fix
  • The next step is to address the Mail app’s preference files and remove them in the case they are corrupted and are causing these issues. Using your Finder app, much like before, choose Go and ‘Go to Folder…’ and type in the path as shown below.Mail Keeps Crashing after macOS Upgrade, How-To Fix
  • Delete the two plist files by moving them to trash.
  • Restart Your MacBook and then launch Mail and see if the issue has resolved.

Mail App won’t open on macOS High Sierra. Shows error message

After the macOS High Sierra update, some users saw the error “unable to verify account name or password.” when trying to launch the Mail app.

Here is a reader’s suggestion that shows a way of fixing this issue on your MacBook

  1. Use Finder to locate Mail in your Mac’s Applications Folder
  2. Click on the Mail App to open it.  When this reader did this, the mail opened and everything was OKMail Doesn't Open in High Sierra, How-To Fix
  3. Drag Mail’s icon from the Applications Folder to your desktop
  4. Remove the existing Mail icon in your Mac’s Dock and drag to the Trash
  5. Now, Take that Mail App icon from your Desktop and pull it into your Dock
  6. Restart your MacBook
  7. Try Launching Mail by clicking on the new Mail icon from your Mac’s Dock

Mail App is Very Slow after the macOS Upgrade

If you are experiencing performance issues with Mail which would mean that your Mail actions are slow or trying to search for a particular mail takes a lot of time, you should consider Rebuilding the Mailbox to fix the slow mail issues. Once you rebuild the Mailbox, follow it with a reindex procedure to speed things up. These two actions go a long way in addressing performance issues with the Mail app on macOS.

Please let us know in the comments below if you have any questions.


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