Make the Kessel Run in Solo’s new Millennium Falcon Otterbox Symmetry Apple iPhone X case


    A couple of weeks ago the OtterBox newsletter hit my inbox and I saw it was releasing new Solo: A Star Wars Story cases. As soon as I saw the Millennium Falcon as one of the three new color options I placed my order to protect my iPhone X.

    OtterBox also has a Chewbacca and another color option with various Star Wars symbols. The Millennium Falcon option has the brand-new Falcon in the form it was built and originally owned by Lando.

    The case provides OtterBox certified drop protection. It is a one piece case that has a fairly substantial bumper around the edges that also rises above the display to keep your screen protected when you set it face down on a table.

    Each case is available now for $44.95.


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