Master Coding in Common Programming Languages with This Bundle


If you’ve always wanted to start coding or you’ve been itching to broaden your skill set, you can make 2018 the year you meet your goals. The Complete 2018 Learn to Code Bundle has everything from introductory coding courses to intensive classes on advanced machine learning. Right now this comprehensive set of classes is available in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $34.99.

The Complete 2018 Learn to Code Bundle offers nine courses with more than 1,300 lessons for over 200 hours of hands-on learning in the most common powerful coding languages. Specific courses for Java, Javascript, Ruby on Rails and GoogleGo give you a digital Swiss Army Knife to become an in-demand freelancer, a coder with the skills to attract top employers, or simply a resource to stay on top of the skills you already have. Additional courses teach you how to work with financial data in R, streamline programming with Git, and create a complete CMS with PHP. You’ll enjoy lifetime access to everything in the bundle, giving you time to gain valuable expertise and go back for refreshers as needed.

Make this your year to tackle coding from start to finish with the Complete 2018 Learn to Code Bundle. It’s a $1,356.95 value for only $34.99. Take advantage of this exclusive offer in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub today, and use coupon code GETSMART to save an additional 30%!


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