New Apple Patent Details Apple Pencil Use Beyond the iPad


The Apple Pencil has proven to be one of Apple’s best accessories, even if it is a bit restricted with only being usable with the iPad Pro lineup.

But a new patent from the company at least indicates they have toyed with broadening the stylus’s scope. As first reported by AppleInsider, the patent number is No. 62/363,172, and it’s entitled “Content Creation Using Electronic Input Device on Non-Electronic Surfaces”. It details, at least in part, a stylus — an Apple Pencil-like device — that can be used not only on the tablet, but also on any flat surface — or even in the air.

As is par for the course with this sort of thing, the details are pretty light in the areas where Apple would have to detail how a particular technology would work. However, it does at least mention “a motion and orientation sensor, a camera, or an electromagnetic- or sound-based triangulation scheme”. And, as mentioned above, it also states that the device can be tracked in three dimensions, so drawing an object in the air is also a possibility.

The deal here is always the same: While Apple has filed a patent for the idea, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will ever see the light of day. And, if it does, it might not be soon.

Our Take

Baby steps here, if this is anything that will come to pass one day. We’re still working on big iPhones getting support for the Apple Pencil, something that has been rumored for almost as long as the Apple Pencil has been around. That has yet to come to pass, so maybe that has to happen first before we get to a point where we can draw apples in mid-air and see it manifest on our computer screens.

[via AppleInsider]

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