Top 10 Best Adventures Games Available On App Store


Best Adventures Games Available On App Store

Ever since Apple’s App Store came into the picture, a new revolution began. It was the app revolution. It is home to millions of applications ranging from utility to gaming apps. Some of the best-known apps available in the market include Walking Dead, Buried, Octodad etc.

Adventure games are one of the most popular genres when it comes to games. The games focus on adventure and exploration along with an exciting storyline which is unique for every game.

Every game comes with a hero or a protagonist, the lead personality of the story. The titles of the games are based on a variety of stories such as time travel, horror stories, murder mysteries etc. to name a few. This article focuses specifically on the best adventure games for iPhone.

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List Of Top Best Adventures Games Available On App Store


Best Adventures Games Available On App Store

Released in 2011, Machinarium is one of the best adventure games available in the App Store. The main crux of the game is to solve puzzles and brain teasers. All the puzzles are spread in the form of a series. Every series is interlinked to the other in some way, thereby making it into an interesting story. The game uses a series of thought bubbles which direct the player along the storyline. The protagonist of the entire plot is a robot called Josef, who breaks out of prison to find out that the city has been ruined by the Black Cap Brotherhood. He even fights a battle to save his girlfriend, Berta, who is kidnapped by the miscreants. You really have to play the same to truly experience the breathtaking storyline.

Download Machinarium


Adventure (Atari 2600)

Best Adventures Games Available On App Store

In 1979, it was Warren Robinett who developed the world’s first adventure game. It was called Adventure. It was a historic game and certainly created a revolution in the game industry. The game’s plot requires the player to find an enchanted chalice and return it to the gold castle. The challenges are pretty thrilling and historic. The major reason behind this game finding itself on our list is for the history it carries with it. If you are a retro gaming fan, this one is definitely for you!

Download Adventure (Atari 2600)



Best Adventures Games Available On App Store

Created by Swedish game developer Simogo, Device 6 is one of the best gaming apps in the adventure genre for the iPhone. The main character of the game, Anna, is supposed to escape from an unknown island. The game uses a series of texts, images, and sounds to guide the player through the game storyline. As the story progresses, Anna comes across a bunch of weird and mysterious people raising her suspicion a little more. The game has been widely praised for its amazing gameplay and graphics. Download this game today for an enthralling experience!

Download DEVICE 6


Superbrothers: Sword &Sworcery EP

Best Adventures Games Available On App Store

Swords and Sorcery were developed by Super brothers and Capybara Games. It is an Indie- based adventure game which makes use of device orientation during the actual gameplay. The main protagonist of the game is a Scythian warrior. In the game, if you wish to take out the sword, you will have to tilt your device by 90 degrees. The game involves the warrior traversing through various levels, eating mushrooms to increase its health. With elements such as sorcery and battles involved, this is the game you must try out. Download the game and enjoy!

Download Superbrothers: Sword &Sworcery EP


Walking Dead

Best Adventures Games Available On App Store

Walking dead is a popular, survival-based adventure game which was developed by Telltale Games. The plot of the game involves a deadly zombie apocalypse in Georgia. Rather being a traditional puzzle solving game, Walking Dead focuses more on the storyline and character development. The story is influenced by player choices and their successive choices as the story progresses. Download the game today!

Download Walking Dead


Broken Age

Best Adventures Games Available On App Store

Developed by Double Fine Productions, Broken Age is a pin and point based adventure game. Backed by one of the highest crowdfunding campaigns in history, Broken Age involves a story of barfing trees and talking spoons. The game focuses more on puzzle solving and decision making aspects, thereby making it a fun-filled, family game.

Download Broken Age


Thimbleweed Park

Best Adventures Games Available On App Store

Thimbleweed Park is another one of point and clicks’ based games developed by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick. It is a time-capsule based game which is buried in 1987 and unearthed in 2017. The game has a number of puzzles and mysteries to solve. Divided into a number of fun-filled levels, the game never fails to disappoint its users.

Download Thimbleweed Park


Day of the Tentacle

Best Adventures Games Available On App Store

Day of the Tentacle is a graphic based adventure game for iOS. Bernard Bernoulli is the protagonist whose mission is to prevent the evil Purple Tentacle from ruining the world. The player is supposed to solve puzzles to traverse through the storyline which is divided into multiple levels. The game has received critical acclaim for its gameplay and also for the history the game stands for. Experience the game on your Apple device today!

Download Day of the Tentacle


The Room Three

Best Adventures Games Available On App Store

The Room Three is a puzzle based adventure video game developed by Fireproof Games. The game splits every level into a large room. It is ever engrossing because of the intriguing puzzles it offers. The protagonist of the game is “The craftsman” who has to be steered through various levels of the game. The game offers mind-boggling graphics and innate game touch controls.Experience the game on your iOS device today!

Download The Room Three


Alto’s Adventure

Best Adventures Games Available On App Store

Developed by Snowman, Alto’s Adventure is a snowboarding video game. The player has to complete a variety of tasks, collect coins, perform a variety of tricks and work towards certain goals which the character has to complete. The game has received universal acclaim for its interactive user interface, graphics, an appealing storyline and much more. It continues to top the gaming charts in various territories and is expected to be released in a number of other mobile platforms as well. It is super fun so make sure to try it out!

Download Alto’s Adventure


More and more interesting games are being added up to the iOS gaming family. These are some of the best adventure games for iPhone. Download them now and feel the adventure.

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