Top Best iPhone Adventure Games




Top Best iPhone Adventure Games

Another best enthralling and topical iPhone adventure games that is a stealth-based episodic adventure game. The main protagonist here is Hope. She is born and raised in a research facility called as Metamorphosis. But she tries to escape from the place somehow and contact the players for doing so. You as a player can help Hope in her mission. But it will require you using the OMNI View software that helps to hack and use the connected devices such as camera, doors and other security terminals. As you progress in the game, upgrade the Omni View software which will allow you access to stronger security.

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Four Last Things

Top Best iPhone Adventure Games

If you are looking for one of the top best iPhone adventure games that is funny as well, Four last things is a great option to look for. This game is impressively funny and adventurous. You will visit a world that is full of paintings from the Renaissance-era. This is a point and clicks adventure game. The Renaissance artwork, classical music, excellent gameplay and sinful behavior are altogether highly enjoyable. So, just click on the below link and get this comedy adventure game to spend some quality time.

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Final Fantasy Dimension

Top Best iPhone Adventure Games

We all know about that very popular Final Fantasy series and Final Fantasy Dimension is a great addition to their series. The game is highly engaging that can keep you engaged for long. This is like a never-ending game having more than 100 hours of gameplay. Square Enix has made this game pretty interesting. However, it is not free and you need to pay for every chapter. So, if you are ready to spend a few bucks, this game is perfect for you.

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Top Best iPhone Adventure Games

This is a critically acclaimed game that you can relate to the 80’s teenage horror flick. This is actually a supernatural horror game. The story is quite interesting where a group of a friend will go for an overnight trip in an abandoned military island. Alex is the main character here and you will play this character. Alex along with his stepbrother Jonas and other friends come to a night party in the deserted military island. Things get a terrific turn when the group of friends suddenly open a ghostly gate. You will face different events and incidents that you need to handle. And finally, you will be able to discover things.

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Grim Fandango Remastered

Top Best iPhone Adventure Games

Grim Fandango is a very interesting and engaging game that has a completely different story. The original game was introduced quite back but the remastered one is even smoother. This is free of bugs and is made interesting with new dynamic light, art browser concept and more. This game revolves around the land of the dead. You will play the character of Manny Calavera. He is the travel manager in the Death department. His job is to sell opulence packages to the soul. But some problem arises in the heaven and Manny’s escape is threatened. So, you need to help Manny to come out of the situation.

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Jules Verne’s Return to Mysterious Island – Deluxe Edition

Top Best iPhone Adventure Games

Based on the story Mysterious Island by Jules Verne, this game is another addition to the list of our adventure games for iPhone. As the name suggests, the game has so many mysteries to unravel.  This is a one-person perspective game. You will play the character of Mina who is left on an island without any possibility to contact with the emergency services. You need to escape the island using your sense and ability. A strange shadow also hovers the island. You will have to solve several puzzles hidden on that island during your entire journey.

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Top Best iPhone Adventure Games

Another interesting adventure game for the iPhone which you can play on other iOS devices as well. This is a road trip action RPG game. You need to travel the death road from Florida to Canada, the end of the earth.  During the journey, you will manage a group of a jerk. You along with them will explore different cites, will meet wired people and especially a large group of zombies (almost 500). Everything in this game is randomized such as events, places etc. And the interesting fact is every time you will play the game, it will allow you experience a different story.

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A Normal Lost phone

Top Best iPhone Adventure Games

A normal lost phone is really exciting and it does not involve any action but it is a fully thrilling and mysterious game. It is all about a lost phone. The player will find the lost phone. The phone will allow access to everything such as the contact list, photo roll, messages and other important stuff. You will collect all those information and will unravel the story of Sam, the actual owner of the phone. But, by the time you will uncover about Sam, his relationship, and friends, he will turn 18 and will be disappeared mysteriously.

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Top Best iPhone Adventure Games

This is an underwater adventure game. It is definitely one of the top best iPhone adventure games with the ability to keep you engaged for quite long. Naija is an inexplicable and aquatic girl who discovers the depth of Aquaria. You will help Najia on her mission. A new place and story are unveiled at every turn. Overall, this is a completely engaging adventure game including some interesting action as well.

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These are the 15 top best iPhone adventure games. While some are premium games some games are entirely free to play. But, it is true that in order to gain the best adventurous experience, you should be ready to spend a few bucks. Just get the games on your iPhone and start enjoying them soon to cut down the idle time.

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